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Step right up, sweet-cheeks!
Welcome to Club Sugar, the sweetest burlesque cabaret show in town.
Get ready for a night of high-energy entertainment and sugary-sweet excitement that'll have you bouncing off the walls…

At Club Sugar, YOU’RE in control of the show. Pick the next performer's name out of our choccie box and watch the magic unfold…
This show starring delicious burlesque candies:
-Guest performers to be unwrapped for each show!
-Camilla Cream
-Liberty Foxx
-Nellie Noble
-Stella Del Lure
-The Sugar Showgirls troupe


We have candy-themed audience participation games that are sure to tickle your taste buds. Get ready to show off your syrupy knowledge, moves and compete for some sweet prizes!

But that’s not all, Sugar, sip on one of Club Voltaire's delicious drinks and let the flavors dance on your tongue while you take in the tantalizing performances on stage. Our talented performers will make your heart skip a beat with their daring dance moves, sultry showgirl tease, and sweet-as-candy stunts. From the classic to the contemporary, this show is sure to delight and surprise you at every turn.

So come on down to Club Sugar and indulge in a world of glitter, glamour, and candy-coated fun. You won't be able to resist the sugar rush!

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