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The Profitable Performer Program - Products & Prices

So you know a little about The Profitable Performer, or you have seen a post on social media about it.
Now you want to know a little more about the different product options you can get?

Check out the points below for a description of the products offered (with their prices) at The Profitable Performer - if something tickles your fancy, you can click the button next to the description to purchase or you can send me an email at for some more information.

I'm so glad you're here wanting to learn more about branding, marketing, mindset and your art as a business! Let's get learning!

Online Program

(videos and worksheets)

The full Profitable Performer Program contains 4 x 60 minute coaching sessions, 21 video lessons with practical worksheets to develop skills in the 3 modules of branding, marketing and business. Designed and delivered by Camilla Cream: a qualified and experienced teacher and marketing expert.  

Each module has 7 video lessons with worksheets and activities to complete at the performer's own pace.

Module 1: Building Your Brand – Who are you as a performer? Get super clear on who you are as an artist and what makes you unique.
Module 2: Boosting your Persona – Getting the word out in marketing. Learn how to utilise social media to boost your presence online and in your community. Get confident in marketing yourself to your industry, fans and grow a following.
Module 3: Business Mindset Skills – learning all the behind the scenes skills to make money from your art. We go over planning, organisation, time management, budgeting, goal setting and more.


Price $350 and up


-The digital Kickstarters highlights a few of the important topics to cover when considering your brand identity or marketing strategy as a performer, including activities to set you on the right path towards success! Kickstart your career now with the mini eBooks. 

Kickstarter 1: Branding
Building Your Brand – finding your uniqueness as a performer

Kickstarter 2: Marketing
Boosting your Persona – getting comfortable with social media for promotion.


Price $49

Package Deal
(Mini Lesson and Coaching Session)

The package deal consists of a video mini lesson (on a topic related to branding, marketing, or business mindset), a worksheet and a 30 minute coaching session on a targeted topic that you need!

Package Deal includes:
-a 5-10 minute mini lesson video (via link)
-a worksheet (word doc you can fill in)
-a 30 minute one-on-one coaching session to refine the idea from the lesson, clarify any questions from the worksheet and steps to take moving forward in your performer journey.

Email me at or DM me to see the list of options for mini lessons.


Price $69

Single Coaching Sessions
(Zoom or phone call)

-Not sure where to start? Only have a couple of questions that need answering? Want to work through things WITH an expert? The single one-on-one coaching sessions are for you!
Sessions run for 30 or 60 minutes, are targeted to each performer's needs.  Anything from assistance creating or refining a brand, marketing yourself on social media, ideas for creating content that engages your audience, how to utilise your social media profiles to the max, producing a cabaret show and so much more!

Once you purchase a session, Camilla will email you (using your PayPal email address) with dates and times available to book your zoom coaching session!


Price $49 and up

Cheat Sheet

-Each cheat sheet is designed for performers to get some quick and easy information about social media that you can put into practice immediately and get results! Each cheat sheet hones in on a really specific topic with all the info you need to get started and see a positive change on your socials.

Cheat Sheet 1: Social Media
(get your social media accounts running to maximum effectiveness and build your following)
Cheat Sheet 2: Creating Content
(no think, no stress ideas to help you create a bunch for content for social media in no time!)
Cheat Sheet 3: Indi Producer 101
(thinking of becoming a producer? here's a simple guide and checklist to get your started)
Cheat Sheet 4: Approaching Producers
(the important things producers look for and an email template to help you approach producers)

Cheat Sheet 5: Improving Motivation
(how to get your mojo back: tips to get, and stay, motivated)


Price $19 and up


-The handbooks contain lots of information and practical activities to develop skills in branding, marketing and business.  Each handbook is based on the modules in the full digital coaching program.
Modules can be bought as a package (preferred as each builds upon the last) or as singular modules - click on the handbook name to purchase individual ebooks.

Handbook 1: Building Your Brand – Who are you as a performer?
Handbook 2: Boosting your Persona – Getting the word out in marketing.
Handbook 3: Business Skills – learning all the behind-the-scenes skills to make money.


Price $99

Social Media Audit

(via email)

The Social Media Audit consists of an audit of your social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) to identify how they are performing currently.

You will receive an email outlining the things you are doing well and what needs improvement to boost your engagement.

You will also get 5 targeted tips to help you move forward with your online presence.

Perfect for the time-poor performer, or overseas artist who cannot make a zoom call.


Price $50

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