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Introducing: The Sugar Showgirls!

It's been a long-time dream of mine to have a burlesque troupe: covered in sparkles, collaborating to create fun dance numbers and shows, and feel connected to my art form (which can be quite lonely at times). And now it has become a reality! I have tried a few times to get this to happen, but every time something wasn't quite right, cue 2022 rolling in with the continuing pandemic and general unease all round to give me the opportunity that just seemed to fall into place... Having quick chats with the wonderful Nellie Noble and Liberty Foxx, one day it all just clicked - really it was one day - we talked and agreed in about 30 seconds! I was wrapped to be working with these two as their brand of burlesque is fun and stunningly sparkly: my dreams come true! I wanted a troupe name that would suit all of our personalities, but also fit with my own performer brand (I toyed with 'Cream Team' but that gives connotations of a different kind). And so, The Sugar Showgirls was born!

We settled on a self-shoot time and place and it was so easy working with them leading up to and on the day - I knew I had made the right choice in people.

Next minute I'm binge watching old clips of Follies Bergere and Moulin Rouge on the treadmill at the gym (yes I know we're not quite there yet, but a girl can keep dreaming!) and getting lots of inspiration for how I want our shows to look and feel.

We now have our own Sugar Showgirls Instagram account where we have published a few of our self-shot piccies and some info about each of us. We are working on a show with just the 3 of us (cue quick changes and rhinetones sticking to sweat) and I couldn't be more excited! For now, I'll leave you with a little info on each of us - think of it like a mini interview, an insight into our performer personas. We can't wait to meet you!

NELLIE NOBLE: What did you think of the first burlesque show you saw?

I didn’t actually get to see much of it! I was performing in a non burlesque dance troupe at the show. I got to watch some of the burlesque acts and I was dazzled by both the old world glamour & the risque comedy of it all. It was like nothing I had seen before - I had been involved in dance through childhood & then in music theatre as a teenager, yet burlesque was truly like nothing I had seen before & it broke so many of the “rules” I thought you had to follow as a performer. As a rebel at heart I loved it. It opened a whole new world where I wished to one day be like the women I watched. Fast forward a few years and I started creating my own solo burlesque acts after watching a lot more amazing shows!

What’s your favourite move or prop to use in burlesque?

I love classic bump & grind moves! All of my acts contain these in some form - I think it’s quintessential burlesque.

How do you come up with your acts?

I keep a playlist where I store all the music that makes me feel compelled to move & visualise something & I visit it whenever I wish to create a new act. I’m a muso first & dancer second so this works best for me.

LIBERTY FOXX: What does burlesque mean to you?

Burlesque really is my creative freedom, it gives me the chance to do what I love as a performer while completely being myself. I love that it is non-restrictive and allows me to be as weird as I like on stage!

How did you get your stage name?

The first part of my name, Liberty, came from my love of performing but desire to have creative freedom. I had danced in groups for years before going into burlesque and had found myself wanting to create something out of the box and no longer be the same as everyone else.

What’s your favourite move or prop to use in burlesque?

Definitely tassel twirling! It's loads of fun and I like to challenge myself in finding ways to twirl tassels of parts of my body that aren't normally used for twirling. Spinning them off my hind quarters and shoulders are my favorite.

AND ME (CAMILLA CREAM): What did you think of the first burlesque show you saw?

The very first time I saw burlesque, I had no idea what it was, I was just having a night out with friends seeing ‘a show’. As soon as I saw the glamorous costumes, dance moves and the sultry side of strip tease I was hooked! The one act that really got me was a performer called Bijou who came on stage as a postage box and took off parcel packages rather than clothing items. It was fun and sexy! I wanted to do that! And the rest, as they say, if history!

How do you come up with your acts? Generally I start with music - it’s a song I hear on the radio, or Spotify, or when I’m in a Youtube wormhole! If I can picture my routine from start to finish, I know it’s a great act! I go about constructing a persona/theme/feel which guides costume creation and movement - it’s easier to choreograph when you know when you’re moving around in and how it comes off!

What’s your favourite move or prop to use in burlesque?

My favourite prop has got to be my giant feather fans! It was one of the first things I learnt about burlesque. I love the luxurious quality of the feathers and the way they float and move!

If you’ve seen one of my shows, you have seen me use fans.

Check out our page on The Sugar Showgirls here to see our promo reel, find out more info on the troupe and connect with our group instagram.

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