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Are you a performer? Join me and learn marketing hacks to get more gigs!

Hello and welcome back to my blog! I am a little excited because I have just launched a new program (and Facebook group) to help performers develop marketing and business skills to assist in getting more performance opportunities. It's combining all my expertise, training and experience in teaching, mentoring, marketing and performance to give performers a great head start in their social media skills, branding, promotion, business and heaps of other stuff! Sound good? Read on...

I really like the sense of community I have in my small groups of people in the burlesque industry, we chat about our lives, our art, our struggles and our successes, but we don't have a central space to learn about marketing and business skills to make us more independent and successful artists. I found this tends to be a bit of a missing link when I am coaching emerging artists i the live entertainment field. So I am packaging up all my knowledge and skills to help the industry become stronger by helping each and every performer who is ready to step up and learn about this side of the industry. Being a great performer on stage just isn't enough, you need to know the ins and outs of business and marketing to stay ahead of the pack and get more work. If you're a performer and you're keen on joining, click this link ( to request access to the group (it's a private group, only for performers who are serious about leveling up, so you know it's all juicy content and great support).

(Photo by Brig Bee Photo)

If you're not a performer, but you're keen on supporting the live entertainment industry, please check out my pages on Facebook and my shows tab on this website. There are SO MANY amazing shows and performers out there in your local area beaming with excitement to entertain you! *Camilla Cream: (my page has an events tab that displays the shows I am performing in and shows I produce, most in Melbourne, but some in other states and territories of Australia). *The Shimmy Showgirl Collective: (this page has an events tab that has a variety of burlesque and cabaret events that are held in Melbourne, some that are other states in Australia).

Hope to see you in the group or at a show soon! Stay Sweet xx

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