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Feature in Alt Bella Mag Feb 2019 Issue

At the very tail end of last year I was offered the opportunity to the involved in the February issue of Alt Bella Magazine. This issue was to feature Australian Burlesque Artists and their journeys in the industry. I thought I'd post an excerpt of my journey here and the link to purchase the mag if you wish.

Camilla Cream poses in Boots and corset by Brig Bee Photo
Camilla Cream by Brig Bee Photo

So here is my abridged version of my 5-year long burlesque journey so far...

I am a bit of a late bloomer in performance. I started dancing in my early twenties as a break from my painting classes. I took to it immediately and wanted to learn more - different styles and improve my technique. One weekend, a friend from class took me to a burlesque show and I was instantly in love with the art form! Not only could these women be themselves (no cookie-cutter type bodies and moves), but this form of performance could be sexy, silly and thrilling all at the same time! I took classes, saw as many shows as I could afford and finally made my debut on the solo stage - it was the first time I have felt complete calm before stepping on to the stage. I knew this was what I wanted to do. I found that I had been enticed by feather fans; the way they moved, the way I could conceal and reveal and the instant affinity I had when holding them. They have become my specialty and I now have a World Record for the Most Fans Used Simultaneously in a Burlesque Performance.

Fast forward a year or two and I had performed a few times per month in a local theatre. I was offered a residency at a vaudeville theatre where I had the opportunity for a lot of stage time and experimenting. I also met many friends and colleagues who inspire me and whom I still perform with today. One of these people is my dance partner, Lord Lovat. We perform duo commercial burlesque routines as Platinum Honey.

As I honed my craft, I was presented with more opportunities to perform at home in Melbourne, and interstate with many shows including: Adelaide Fringe Festival, Big Bang Burlesque, the Australian Burlesque Festival and most recently Miss Burlesque Australia where I won a state title (Miss Burlesque Tasmania).

For me, burlesque is a chance to express my sensuality and imagination, and provide an escape for audiences out of their everyday lives and into a glittery fantasy world. This year I hope to travel internationally for a festival or two, and even a bit of a tour. I would also love to produce more shows to give more opportunities for artists to perform and share their craft (I produce Le Grande Cabaret and co-produce Tequila Tease).

Camilla Cream poses in Boots and corset by Brig Bee Photo
Camilla Cream by Brig Bee Photo

Follow this link to see Alt Bella Magazine (present and past issues) and purchase your Feb 2019 issue with yours truly! Psst, if you use the code 'Meg2019' you'll get a cheeky discount!

Love and light to you all for 2019 Camilla xx

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