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Alyssa Kitt Interviews Camilla about MBA 2018

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

I want to share an interview I had with Alyssa Kitt for the 2018 Miss Burlesque Australia competition. It was the second competition I have ever entered (Burlesque Idol being the first) and I was so excited, inspired and nervous to head to the grand final after winning the state title in Tasmania.

The competition experience was a really new thing for me, having being in a completely different field before I entered performance and burlesque. I had a great support network around me, which helped me to stay grounded and positive - I mean I was sharing the stage with some incredible artists! My aim for 2018 was a state title and I was so proud to have won that. To me, the Grand Final really was a chance to have fun on stage, meet a great bunch of performers and show the Aussie burlesque world what I'm all about!

I hope you enjoy this interview (via the link below), and remember there are plenty more of other state and national winner interviews on the Miss Burlesque Australia website. Happy reading!

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