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Let's Chat About Bosom Buddies

It was around 6 months or so ago that Grace Cherry and I met at Miss Burlesque Tasmania 2019, as I mentioned in the last blog post, this was were we connected and started chatting about ways we could link the Tasmanian and Melbourne burlesque scenes. After a few months of thinking and talking (we can chat on the phone for hours, literally!) we came up with Bosom Buddies Burlesque - an alliance between Tasmania's Grace Cherry and Melbourne's Camilla Cream to offer performance and learning opportunities across states where perhaps there wasn’t a chance before. We wanted to create a space for support and friendship across the Strait and facilitate encouragement to grow as a performer and colleague. So far the cast has been wonderful at communicating and supporting each other in the lead up to our debut show (if you'd like to know more about the show, head to our Facebook page: We set challenges for ourselves and the cast to complete each month to help build the connection between us, reflect on ourselves as performers and promote the Melbourne/Tasmania burlesque industry. Before we got to this point, Grace and I had a little chat about the show, my expectations and goals heading into this event and 2020. Here's a little snippet: On coming up with Bosom Buddies Burlesque

“… seeing the passion in the performers from Tassie when having conversations about burlesque really sparked that thing in me where I wanted to provide more opportunities for them not just to perform, but to connect with other performers and learn from others they might not otherwise get the chance to.

I don't think it was something I had in mind until we discussed the burly scene over lunch when I was in Hobart… I think sharing our experiences and drive for performer connection sparked that interest in a collaboration and I was just lucky you were in the same mindset!”

Read more about our chat here (yep, this is Grace's blog!):

If you're in Tasmania, we would love to see you at the debut show at Moonah Arts Centre on the 23rd of May. Tickets are selling fast already! Get yours here:

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