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MBA Heated Highlights from 2019

This blog post is all about my handover year for Miss Burlesque Tasmania. I was absolutely delighted to make my way down to Hobart for the 2019 competition state final and pass on my crown and sash to the next performer.

The lead up to the competition was really different to 2018 and I was feeling at ease and really confident for a fabulous show. On the night I met the other judges, who were all lovely and fun. One of them, Hera, wrote a review of the show and this is what I'd love to share with you. To start, here's a snippet of what they said about little old me:

"But before they could announce the winning performer, we needed to see the reigning Miss Burlesque Tasmania, Camilla Cream, take to the stage one more time for her handover routine. With a French mood and a flourish of feathered fans, Camilla grabbed the audiences hearts and refused to let go until they were cheering for more. Not often do heroines pierce through the stage’s forth wall and give you an intimate hug with a single look, but Camilla made each person’s dream come true, and broke their hopes all in the same moment. With a kiss to the crowds and cheering a stamping, Camilla left our lives as quickly as she had entered them, preparing to pass on the MBT crown to a new performer."

They certainly have a way with words - I feel very lucky and proud to have been part of the judging panel and perform a handover act based on my favourite routine using my favourite prop! To read more about the competition and the winner - Shaan Valentine - check out the link below:

Little did I know that this trip was the beginning of Bosom Buddies Burlesque - a collaboration between myself and Grace Cherry to unite the Melbourne and Tasmanian burlesque communities. I'll be writing another post about this event and concept in a future post, but you can find out more on Facebook here:

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