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Bonjour! The Sugar Showgirls invite YOU, mon cherie, to a flirty moonlit soiree full of burlesque, cabaret song & dance.

Delve into 3 themes throughout the show:
-funky disco fever (previously opulent roaring 20s)
-a secret mermaid lagoon
-glam rock 80s fun

Just like a dessert banquet, the show has it all: a tasty mix of traditional showgirl tease, silly neo burlesque, modern dance and jazzy vocal cabaret.  This delectable troupe creates charming group acts which embody the glamorous world of vintage Hollywood and fuse it with modern theatrical dance and performance. There’s something for everyone’s taste at ✨CABARET CHERIE✨



Oui, The Sugar Showgirls are shimmying all over Australia to share their decadent brand of burlesque with you! Don your finest outfit, then sit back, relax and let us take you back to the golden era of Hollywood and entertainment; a time of glamour, humour, feathers and fun.

Not your typical burlesque show, we have your night sorted as this show is sure to satisfy even the biggest sweet-tooths!


What do you say? Are you ready to satisfy your sugar cravings with this indulgent experience? Say Oui!

We are taking this show all around Victoria, Australia in 2024. Take a gander at the calendar below to see when CABARET CHERIE is coming to you. Click the icon to get your tickets!

(More dates, cities and tickets to be released soon)

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2023 IG Icons.png

Keep your eyes peeled for more 2024 cities dates coming soon (regional Victoria and Australian cities)


Keen to get in on the action? Our shows include lots of audience participation, so you can get up on stage and have your 15 minute of fame (and your friends get lots of photos to share with you afterwards!)

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