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Learn tips and tricks of burlesque and cabaret with The Sugar Showgirls!

Each troupe member PLUS our resident technician has a unique workshop to offer around the state and overseas in 2024.

Check out the graphics below to find the workshop that tickles your fancy, then click the button for your city to book!

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Workshop: Grace & Line with Camilla

Work with your body to achieve grace and poise in your acts. Beginning with a ballet-inspired warm-up and stretch, Camilla will teach you the basics of using your head, arms and legs to create gorgeous lines and interesting shapes. Expensive hands, shoulder smolder and long leg lines are all must-have moves for your next burly number - let’s learn them together. We’ll put the movements into a short and fun routine to really showcase your beautiful body in a sensual way. Let Camilla pass on the tips and tricks she has learnt from years of ballet and burlesque performance!

Booking links below for each city:

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Workshop: Character Development with Liberty

Feeling stuck with your alter ego? Work with Liberty Foxx on creating different stages of your persona, costume pieces and developing your character in a neo burlesque act.

Booking links below for each city: please come back to this page once Liberty has recovered from her severe injury. Messages are welcome via her Facebook Page here


Workshop: The Sequence of Seduction with Stella

Want to know where to start when putting together a burlesque act? Got a song in mind but don't know what to do next? Have an idea but feeling overwhelmed with how to begin?

Let Stella Del Lure break it down for you!

With over 10 years of dance teaching experience Stella has learnt an array of tips and tricks in act development and documentation. 

This workshop will include working through a piece of music to map out a burlesque act - you're welcome to move throughout but please note there is no set dance element in this workshop 

Booking links below for each city:

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Workshop: WTF Do I write on my Tech Sheet? with Ellen

Why does no one explain what a tech run is actually for? Or what lighting goes with which costume? Or why does it have to be an MP3 file? Well, Ellen can! In this workshop Ellen, a drag-lesque performer, and theatre techie, will break down the basics of tech (i.e lighting and sound), and how it can be used to enhance burlesque performance. We’ll go through key terms around lighting and sound, how to pick lighting for your act, the best way to format your audio track, and how to talk to your venue tech like a pro!

Booking links below for each city:

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Workshop: Smolder: Intentioanl Movement & Stillness in Burlesque with Nellie

Looking to add a little heat to your repertoire? With a wide range of musical theatre and cabaret experience, Nellie will help you master the art of stillness and the quiet smolder. Teaching you how to add intention into every move, Nellie will help you do so much, even when doing nothing at all. This workshop will be movement based, discuss burlesque techniques and culminate in a short routine.

Booking links below for each city:

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