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Want to up your game with a personal and private consultation with a Sugar Showgirl?

Perhaps you're stuck with an act and need some help?

Or maybe you need some branding or marketing advice?

Want to get in depth knowledge about tech requirements for your show?

Or perhaps you just need a sounding board for some ideas?

Book a one-on-one consultation with a Sugar Showgirl of your choice - who do you resonate with? We all conduct constulations via video call or in studio. Read our bios below, then click on the troupe member's name to get into contact.

Alternatively, you can email us at if you're not sure who would be best to help - we can take a look at what you need and find the best Sugar Showgirl for your inquiry.



-Production/Producer Advice

-Act Development

-Hosting/MC work

-Choreography/Fan Dance

A highly skilled and sought after burlesque performer, specializing in feather fan dance, Camilla Cream has won audience’s hearts (and multiple awards) all over Australia.

She’s solo artist, choreographer, producer powerhouse and mentor,  she was Voted #9 Most Influential Burlesque Figure in Australia 2018, Winner of Miss Burlesque Tasmania 2018 and holds a World Record (for fan dancing). She's headlined shows across the country and is known all over the nation for her incredible fan dancing abilities, fiendish wit and strong connection with the audience. She also founded The Sugar Showgirls and manages the troupe. Camilla explores traditional burlesque through the lens of modern feminism and adds her own unique sweetness to her classically based acts.


Residing in Melbourne, Australia, but traveling around the country - Camilla is the perfect mix of wicked charm, unexpected cheek and glamorous allure.


-Tassel Twirling

-Character Development

Hailing from Melbourne and twirling onto a stage near you, Miss Liberty Foxx is a truly unique performer.

This Foxx is best known for her skills in twirling multiple tassels on different parts of her body, delighting audiences across Australia.

With her sparkling stage presence this foxxy lady is always full of surprises with her innovative style of comedic burlesque and her famously hypnotic hind quarters.


-Act Refinement

As one of New Zealand's most exciting Burlesque exports, Nellie Noble is solidifying her name in the Melbourne Burlesque & Cabaret scene.


Prior to her relocation, Nellie first found herself on the stage behind a guitar as a singer/songwriter before discovering the magic of Musical Theatre, performing in leading roles as an unlikely triple threat.


One identity crisis & one drop out from Music Theatre School later, Ms. Noble reinvented herself as a modern day Burlesque Starlet unrestrained by the fourth wall. A decision never regretted, she earned National titles shortly after her debut including "Best Newbie" & "Biggest Tease" at Grand Tease New Zealand 2018. Following through on her successful debut, she was also nominated for 3 New Zealand Burlesque Industry Awards at The New Zealand Burlesque Festival 2019 including the "Rising Star of the Year" award.


Nellie takes her inspiration from her first love, music. Often fusing the classic bumps & grinds of golden day burlesque with music of a later vintage, therein creating her own brand of tease.



-Act Development

-Act Refinement

-Music Editing

Internationally trained, universally desired and impossibly alluring, Stella Del Lure is a celestial beauty with the onstage energy of a supernova.

Having entrapped audiences in her home of New Zealand as well as Australia, Stella brings multidisciplinary dance expertise along with an unleashed passion that makes any audience her prey. 


She thrills, chills and fulfills with Melbourne's smuttiest shadow cast, The Pelvic Thrusts, and was crowned the AAPC Amateur Burlesque Beauty of 2020, the Runner Up of Burlesque Muse Melbourne 2021 and Winner of Apprentease Victoria 2022.

She's quick, she's cunning and she can't be caged - she's Stella Del Lure!

(Resident Sugar Showgirl Sound and Lighting Technician)


-Sound and lighting knowledge + Design

Ellen Perriment (they/she) is a performer, dramaturg and theatre technician based in Naarm (Melbourne).

After a career in gender equality advocacy, they followed their passion and pivoted to a full-time, and highly eclectic, career in the performing arts.

With experience operating for drag, burlesque, comedy and theatre Ellen loves offering technical services with a focus on performers and collaboration.

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