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Since early 2022, The Sugar Showgirls have been at the forefront of the burlesque cabaret industry with a successful run of high quality productions, workshops and events. As the leading Burlesque Cabaret Troupe in Melbourne, we’re committed to constantly producing state-of-the-art shows for the local Australian community. Read all about our latest projects, classes and productions, and swing by today!

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Bonjour! The Sugar Showgirls invite YOU, mon cherie, to a flirty moonlit soiree full of burlesque, cabaret song & dance.

Just like a dessert banquet, the show has it all: a tasty mix of traditional showgirl tease, silly neo burlesque, modern dance and jazzy vocal cabaret. 

For more info, check out our Official CABARET CHERIE page.

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Learn tips and tricks of burlesque and cabaret with The Sugar Showgirls!

Each troupe member PLUS our resident technician has a unique workshop to offer in cities across Australia.

Click here for more info.

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Welcome to Club Sugar, the sweetest burlesque cabaret show in town.
Get ready for a night of high-energy entertainment and sugary-sweet excitement that'll have you bouncing off the walls…

For more info on dates and details, click here.


The Sugar Showgirls feature in many burlesque, and cabaret shows across the country.

For more info on where you can find them, click here.

2023/2024 Calendar of Events

September 2023

16th Cabaret Cherie (Hepburn Springs) Tickets

23rd Cabaret Cherie (Canberra) Tickets

23rd + 24th Workshops (Canberra) Bookings

December 2023

Come back for updates...

Aug 2024

Come back for updates...

Nov 2024

29th Club Sugar (Melb/Naarm) Tickets

October 2023

Come back for updates...

March 2024

22nd Club Sugar (Melbourne/Naarm) Tickets

June 2024

21st Club Sugar (Melb/Naarm) Tickets

Sep 2024

Come back for updates...

(An overseas tour might be happening here)

Dec 2024

Come back for updates...

November 2023

17th Club Sugar (Nth Melb) Tickets

July 2024

Come back for updates...

(We might be bringing something special from Tassie to Melb)

Oct 2024

Come back for updates...

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